Play Roulette Without Numbers

There is a type of roulette where the numbers are absent as such (partially or completely). Most often, casino owners change numbers to Latin letters or, more often, special characters

We advise you to pay attention to the following varieties:

The most popular is Chinese Roulette from Oryx Gaming. The wheel has images of animals. Pictures are painted in four colors, therefore, the color game is preserved. Bets are accepted not only on individual symbols, but also on combinations, elements and seasons (animals from the astrological eastern calendar).

Astro Roulette by Oryx Gaming uses all the signs of the zodiac. You can put on the moon, sun, seasons, elements of nature. There is a certain similarity with the Chinese Roulette from Oryx Gaming described above.

GloboTech’s Character Roulette has no numbers, it contains the letters of the Latin alphabet. This type of roulette is smaller than the European one (in which there are 37 numbers) and, accordingly, different odds apply here and unique bets are accepted.

Roulette “Bauern”

This roulette has a long history – it is commonly believed that at one time this roulette was the leisure of German peasants. There is no wheel as such – it was replaced by a bowl with holes. Colored balls are laid out in this bowl, then the dealer launches a special top, which pushes the balls along the holes. For each hit, the player receives an additional win. It is very rare to meet the Bauern Roulette roulette in a casino, but for home entertainment in a large company, this is the very thing.

Unusual online roulette bonuses

Classic roulette can be interesting for experienced players even if the rules of the game and the basic elements have not changed. These roulettes attract players, first of all, with bonus payments and very unusual bets. Let’s get to know them right now.

Roulette Marvel Roulette (produced by Playtech). As the name implies, this roulette wheel was created based on the fantasy universe from the famous Marvel studio. The drum differs little from the usual European roulette, but there is an additional cell. Having made a bet on it, which has played, the player will enter the bonus round, where he will be provided with free spins on a three-reel video slot.

Roulette Mystery Roulette x38 (made by Novomatic). There are 2 additional cells on the track, on which the casino accepts bets. If this number is drawn, the bet payout will be calculated using a random coefficient. For sector “?” the coefficient varies from x10 to x100, and for the “??” payments from x2 to x500.

We have already mentioned the roulette wheel, where numbers are absent and only letters are used, and Character Roulette from Globotech is a prime example of this. Additional bets are accepted – in particular, you can bet on the fact that 1 number will be drawn 2,3 or 4 times in a row. The probability of this, of course, is small, but the payments for risk are very generous here – respectively, 25 to 1, 625 to 1 and 10 thousand to 1.

Author: Amalia Davis

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