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Playing in an offline casino – how to behave in a gambling house?

However, there may be so-called unspoken rules of conduct at tables in offline casinos and if you want to have a good rest and enjoy the jdl688 game, and also do not want the administration or other players to be unhappy with you, still read these recommendations,

The easiest

Even if fortune does not smile at you today, you should not transfer your displeasure to others. You are in a public place, therefore, rudeness, rudeness and disrespect are categorically unacceptable. Even high rollers are not always forgiven for this, which is already to say about ordinary players.

So, they bring you some kind of snack or drink as a treat (this is usually done in western casinos for especially valuable customers), try to eat the treats carefully and, preferably, away from the table, since scattered food leftovers and spilled drinks will definitely not bring anyone pleasure …

Refrain from placing bulky items on the table – this way, you disturb not only yourself, but also the dealer. Cases, suitcases, bags – it is better to leave all this in the storage room or keep it with you.

“Gentlemen, place your bets!”

So the game begins. But before plunging headlong into your favorite pastime, it is worth clarifying whether valuable chips are accepted in roulette. In some cases, gambling establishments require you to exchange them for game tokens.

Interact with the croupier, watch his actions. So, it is clearly not worth rushing to place bets until you are given a sign. And if the dealer no longer accepts bets, you definitely shouldn’t try to make another one. But everything is individual and maybe you will be allowed to.

The rules of the casino are such that after the dealer has put the “dolly” marker on the winning number, you definitely should not touch the chips – it is prohibited. By the way, throwing chips on the table is a sign of bad taste, treat others with respect and carefully arrange them. Note that some types of bets are made with the help of the dealer – these are oral bets.

We communicate with clients and staff

Be sure to check with the casino how they feel about tips. Either tip is not accepted, or tip goes to the casino cashier (employees hand it over), or tip is given to the staff – everything is very individual and always at the discretion of the client.

Respect your neighbors, some players have also come to the casino to relax, and if you still think that one of them did the wrong thing, do not rush to correct them. In general, casinos don’t like recommendations very much, since it is very easy to “frighten off the fortune”, according to superstitious players.

Nobody forbids talking to a dealer, but they can be very busy on the roulette wheel, therefore, it is definitely not worth insisting that an employee keep up a conversation with you.

Summing up

Of course, we have given only general rules, in fact, everything is very individual in each casino. A gambling house is not a secure facility, but it has its own rules, and no one has canceled the banal norms of behavior in society. If a conflict situation is created, contact the pit boss, because his job is to resolve this kind of situation.

Banal politeness, correct behavior will allow you to enjoy the game and win Fortuna in your favor.…