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Playing in an offline casino – how to behave in a gambling house?

However, there may be so-called unspoken rules of conduct at tables in offline casinos and if you want to have a good rest and enjoy the jdl688 game, and also do not want the administration or other players to be unhappy with you, still read these recommendations,

The easiest

Even if fortune does not smile at you today, you should not transfer your displeasure to others. You are in a public place, therefore, rudeness, rudeness and disrespect are categorically unacceptable. Even high rollers are not always forgiven for this, which is already to say about ordinary players.

So, they bring you some kind of snack or drink as a treat (this is usually done in western casinos for especially valuable customers), try to eat the treats carefully and, preferably, away from the table, since scattered food leftovers and spilled drinks will definitely not bring anyone pleasure …

Refrain from placing bulky items on the table – this way, you disturb not only yourself, but also the dealer. Cases, suitcases, bags – it is better to leave all this in the storage room or keep it with you.

“Gentlemen, place your bets!”

So the game begins. But before plunging headlong into your favorite pastime, it is worth clarifying whether valuable chips are accepted in roulette. In some cases, gambling establishments require you to exchange them for game tokens.

Interact with the croupier, watch his actions. So, it is clearly not worth rushing to place bets until you are given a sign. And if the dealer no longer accepts bets, you definitely shouldn’t try to make another one. But everything is individual and maybe you will be allowed to.

The rules of the casino are such that after the dealer has put the “dolly” marker on the winning number, you definitely should not touch the chips – it is prohibited. By the way, throwing chips on the table is a sign of bad taste, treat others with respect and carefully arrange them. Note that some types of bets are made with the help of the dealer – these are oral bets.

We communicate with clients and staff

Be sure to check with the casino how they feel about tips. Either tip is not accepted, or tip goes to the casino cashier (employees hand it over), or tip is given to the staff – everything is very individual and always at the discretion of the client.

Respect your neighbors, some players have also come to the casino to relax, and if you still think that one of them did the wrong thing, do not rush to correct them. In general, casinos don’t like recommendations very much, since it is very easy to “frighten off the fortune”, according to superstitious players.

Nobody forbids talking to a dealer, but they can be very busy on the roulette wheel, therefore, it is definitely not worth insisting that an employee keep up a conversation with you.

Summing up

Of course, we have given only general rules, in fact, everything is very individual in each casino. A gambling house is not a secure facility, but it has its own rules, and no one has canceled the banal norms of behavior in society. If a conflict situation is created, contact the pit boss, because his job is to resolve this kind of situation.

Banal politeness, correct behavior will allow you to enjoy the game and win Fortuna in your favor.…

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How to develop your skills while playing video poker?

Deserved popularity today is enjoyed by video poker not only among those who visit Thai casino online, but also those who actively play in offline gambling establishments in all countries of the world. This game won the love of the players, first of all, for its intellectual component, since at every stage in any video poker it is required to make a decision, which in the future can influence the final result. Thus, before taking the path of conquering the limits, you need to learn how to play correctly in order to avoid mistakes that can affect the theoretical advantage of the gambling establishment.

It is likely that you have an idea that today there are a huge number of varieties of video poker, and for each game, optimal strategies have been created, using which you can achieve sometimes serious, impressive results. Thus, in some types of video poker, you can make decisions that will have a direct impact on the advantage of the gambling establishment, reducing it to a minimum or even to 0.

Few recommendations

Novice users should take their time – it makes sense to use video poker without jokers as a basis for playing and strengthening their skills. The rules here are very simple – just like the rules.

Important information – almost all varieties of video poker, devoid of jokers, are developed on the basis of Jacks or Better (a variety of “Jacks or Better”). Perhaps it is this game that is worth paying attention to at the beginning of your gambling journey

It has been proven that new information is best absorbed gradually, in blocks. So, first you need to learn how to play cards with key combinations, which, according to statistics, fall out more often than others. Try to figure it out on the basis of specific situations – for example, your actions if there is a flush in 5 cards or an incomplete straight, what specific combinations should be preferred if the situation is controversial.

The basic strategy is very important. Print a table for yourself with tips for certain situations. A great option is to use auxiliary software that will help you learn how to play video poker. Utilities of this kind can have very different modes, including: selection of strategies, testing, training, etc.

Let’s sum up

And now, after you have figured out one type of คาสิโนไทย game – feel free to change it to other types of video poker. However, everything is fine in moderation – do not jump from place to place, do not change one video poker for another, because at the initial stage it is so easy to get confused and misinterpret strategies for different games.

Repetition is the mother of learning. Even if you are absolutely confident in your own knowledge, check it from time to time and study those new items that periodically appear in gambling establishments.…

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Beginner’s Guide – Playing Baccarat

Today baccarat, although not very popular in Russia, is known far beyond the borders of the country and players from all over the world play it with pleasure. Nevertheless, in Russian-speaking countries there are not so many professional baccarat players. The question arises – why such a state of affairs has developed, what was the reason and what recommendations can be given to beginners in playing baccarat?

About card counters

A fairly large number of players are of the opinion that since baccarat and blackjack have many external similarities, this is a reason for applying the same strategies to two completely different games. Yes, these games certainly have common features, and, theoretically, a system that allows you to count cards can also be used in baccarat, but over time this can lead to the fact that you will not receive any mathematical advantage.

It’s all about the rules – they are the specifics of this game, which prevent players from capitalizing on the fact that these chances are changing. In comparison with the same blackjack, the baccarat player is deprived of freedom of choice, therefore, he is not able to exert a serious influence on the game.

Thus, each of the cards that comes out of the game can have a minimal impact on the player’s chances … But soulless mathematics shows that card counting in baccarat shows 10 times less efficiency than in classic blackjack, like they did on mmc996. That is why a huge number of mathematicians and players rightly agree that there is no particular point in counting cards in baccarat.

But if you want to try, you need to pay maximum attention to fours and sixes. Accordingly, the more fours leave the deck, the higher the banker’s chances of winning. In the event that a large number of sixes left the game, this indicates that the situation is developing in a favorable direction for the player.

About betting systems

You’ve probably heard about the Martingale betting system, which, we can confidently say, can be used in almost every casino game, including at Not familiar with this strategy yet? It’s very simple – according to the Martingale system, you must double your bet size after each loss. If you lose a ruble, the next bet should be 2 rubles. If you lost 2 rubles, in this case we bet 4 rubles. This will continue until the player wins, after which he must start over, playing with the minimum bet.

Of course, the system shows some degree of efficiency, and between the maximum and minimum bets there is a noticeable “spread”, so you should have enough money to play to the victory.

Let’s not deviate from the truth if we say that such a strategy does not work in baccarat, its effectiveness here is several times less than in roulette. There is some effect, however, playing for a long time at tables with low limits, you will lose money at an enviable speed.…

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Perbedaan antara Handicap Asia dan Eropa

Perbedaan antara Handicap Asia dan Eropa

Seperti pada taruhan olahraga normal, taruhan handicap didasarkan pada hasil pertandingan. Perbedaannya, bagaimanapun, jenis taruhan ini memberikan tim kesebelasan suatu keunggulan virtual. Lantas ditambahkan ke hasil reguler di akhir pertandingan. Ada dua jenis taruhan handicap di dunia: handicap Eropa dan handicap Asia. Tentunya ada perbedaan antara dua varian handicap tersebut. Masing-masing varian punya kelebihan dan kekurangannya.

How the Online Gambling Community Grew Worldwide | Fortress of SolitudeHandicap Eropa

Handicap Eropa juga dikenal sebagai handicap klasik dan dapat dimainkan di hampir semua bandar taruhan Eropa. Taruhan handicap jenis ini adalah taruhan di mana secara fiktif sebuah tim kesebelasan dapat diberikan atau ditolak seluruh golnya. Selain itu, handicap Eropa adalah taruhan tiga arah di mana kondisi seri juga bisa dipertaruhkan. Dengan handicap Eropa dimungkinkan untuk menggeser keseimbangan kekuatan antara kedua tim sesuka hati.

Handicap Asia

Pada dasarnya, varian handicap Asia berbeda dalam tren taruhan baccarat online, yang diberi nama berbeda dari taruhan ke taruhan. Varian paling sederhana adalah handicap -1 atau +1. Dalam hal ini, taruhan pada pemenang akhir dalam handicap (-1) dikembalikan, jika tim kesebelasan menang hanya dengan satu perbedaan gol. Kuota akan dibayarkan sesuai jumlah gol kemenangan.

Dalam versi handicap Asia, ada keseimbangan antara kedua pihak dan dengan demikian memiliki peluang 50 hingga 50 untuk menang. Jadi ada handicap +1,5 atau +0,75. Para profesional lebih suka handicap Asia, karena masalah beberapa gol dapat dikompensasikan dalam sepakbola. Selain itu, risiko kerugian total lebih kecil dengan pembayaran yang lebih tinggi jika taruhan penuh tercapai. Oleh karena itu, beberapa bandar judi sangat menghormati jenis taruhan ini dan tidak menawarkannya atau menghapusnya dari persyaratan taruhan bonus, misalnya.

Handicap Asia atau Eropa?

Dalam kasus handicap Eropa, kita memiliki tiga opsi, seperti taruhan 3 arah. Sedangkan di handicap Asia hanya ada dua opsi. Dari sudut pandang matematis, opsi Asia adalah pilihan yang lebih baik, karena kemungkinan menang adalah 50% dan bukan 33%. Oleh karena itu, tidak semua penyedia di pasar taruhan menawarkan handicap Asia, karena margin labanya lebih rendah.

Perbedaan antara dua handicap (Asia dan Eropa) menggunakan pertandingan Liga Champions antara Arsenal dan Barcelona.

Handicap Eropa di penyedia taruhan:

Arsenal (+1), seri Barcelona (-1), Barcelona (-1).

  • Taruhan Arsenal (+1) dimenangkan jika kesebelasan Inggris menang atau jika pertandingan berakhir seri.
  • Draw Barcelona (-1) 3,75. Taruhan hanya dimenangkan jika Barcelona menang dengan satu gol.
  • Taruhan pada Barcelona (-1) 2,75 dimenangkan jika Barcelona menang dengan setidaknya dua gol. Jika menang 0:1, 1:2, 2:3, dst, taruhan Anda kalah.

Situasinya berbeda dalam kasus handicap Asia.

  • Arsenal (+1) berarti bahwa jika Inggris kalah dengan selisih satu gol, taruhan Anda tidak hilang dan uang dikembalikan. Seri atau kemenangan Arsenal berarti taruhan Anda menang.
  • Barcelona (-1) dalam hal ini serupa. Taruhan dimenangkan jika Barcelona menang dengan setidaknya dua gol. Jika Barcelona menang hanya dengan selisih satu gol, uang akan dikembalikan. Ini tidak berlaku di handicap Eropa (taruhan Anda kalah).


Kedua varian handicap tersebut memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangannya masing-masing. Seperti yang mungkin telah Anda perhatikan, handicap Asia sedikit lebih kompleks, namun menawarkan lebih banyak pilihan. Untuk pemain berpengalaman ini adalah tantangan yang sangat bagus.

Dengan handicap Eropa, peluangnya sering menggoda dan tentu saja Anda juga bisa memainkannya jika peluang yang sesuai lebih baik di sana. Namun, jika Anda ingin bertaruh lebih detail dan spesifik, Anda harus membiasakan diri dengan handicap Asia cepat atau lambat. Umumnya handicap Asia dimainkan lebih eksklusif.


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Play Roulette Without Numbers

There is a type of roulette where the numbers are absent as such (partially or completely). Most often, casino owners change numbers to Latin letters or, more often, special characters

We advise you to pay attention to the following varieties:

The most popular is Chinese Roulette from Oryx Gaming. The wheel has images of animals. Pictures are painted in four colors, therefore, the color game is preserved. Bets are accepted not only on individual symbols, but also on combinations, elements and seasons (animals from the astrological eastern calendar).

Astro Roulette by Oryx Gaming uses all the signs of the zodiac. You can put on the moon, sun, seasons, elements of nature. There is a certain similarity with the Chinese Roulette from Oryx Gaming described above.

GloboTech’s Character Roulette has no numbers, it contains the letters of the Latin alphabet. This type of roulette is smaller than the European one (in which there are 37 numbers) and, accordingly, different odds apply here and unique bets are accepted.

Roulette “Bauern”

This roulette has a long history – it is commonly believed that at one time this roulette was the leisure of German peasants. There is no wheel as such – it was replaced by a bowl with holes. Colored balls are laid out in this bowl, then the dealer launches a special top, which pushes the balls along the holes. For each hit, the player receives an additional win. It is very rare to meet the Bauern Roulette roulette in a casino, but for home entertainment in a large company, this is the very thing.

Unusual online roulette bonuses

Classic roulette can be interesting for experienced players even if the rules of the game and the basic elements have not changed. These roulettes attract players, first of all, with bonus payments and very unusual bets. Let’s get to know them right now.

Roulette Marvel Roulette (produced by Playtech). As the name implies, this roulette wheel was created based on the fantasy universe from the famous Marvel studio. The drum differs little from the usual European roulette, but there is an additional cell. Having made a bet on it, which has played, the player will enter the bonus round, where he will be provided with free spins on a three-reel video slot.

Roulette Mystery Roulette x38 (made by Novomatic). There are 2 additional cells on the track, on which the casino accepts bets. If this number is drawn, the bet payout will be calculated using a random coefficient. For sector “?” the coefficient varies from x10 to x100, and for the “??” payments from x2 to x500.

We have already mentioned the roulette wheel, where numbers are absent and only letters are used, and Character Roulette from Globotech is a prime example of this. Additional bets are accepted – in particular, you can bet on the fact that 1 number will be drawn 2,3 or 4 times in a row. The probability of this, of course, is small, but the payments for risk are very generous here – respectively, 25 to 1, 625 to 1 and 10 thousand to 1.